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December 26, 2023 2 min read

We all have goals we want to achieve especially right around the holidays to go into the New Year to work towards a new you. But those goals quickly become less and less thought of and the next thing we know, we are no longer doing or working towards those goals...That's because no routine was made to sustain such goals! Want to become a new you well you must change habits, create solid routines and change mindsets, environments and social groups that keep you back from becoming what you want! 

To create a routine, you will first need to create a space in your mind and in your environment that can welcome such a routine. It can be simple or incorporated in your daily life which ever works fluidly for you. Creating a solid selfcare routine can help you to love, feel and be your best self! Here' s a simple routine you can start in the New Year that is simple that can be done once a day, once a week or even once a month that will improve the New You!

Skin care routine: Wash face and body with soap and water, use exfoliating scrub, add a face mask while exfoliating your body. After shower, apply lotion or body butter to lock in that moisture. TIME: 15 mins

Hair care routine: (best part is, you could do this with the skin care routine at the same time to maximize your time) Prepoo with hair treatment, apply shampoo bar and wash, add protein treatment, rinse and add deep conditioner, rinse and apply leave in cream and lock in with hair butter. Time: 25 mins

Start your simple routine to a better you today and shop for all of these products and more at our store!




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